Donaco to conduct ‘strategic review’ of debt, cash flow

Donaco International Limited yang terdaftar di Australia Poker88 mengumumkan bahwa mereka merencanakan “tinjauan strategis” dari situasi utang dan arus kasnya.

Dalam pengaruhnya, operator Star Vegas di Poipet, Kamboja secara khusus menyebutkan kebutuhannya untuk “menghilangkan atau merestrukturisasi” utangnya ke Mega Bank, saat ini sebesar $ 39,9 juta. Utang “dijamin hanya terhadap aset bisnis Star Vegas, bukan bisnis Aristo,” katanya, mengacu juga ke kasino di Vietnam utara.

Donaco untuk melakukan ‘tinjauan strategis’ utang, arus kas “Diskusi saat ini sedang diadakan dengan beberapa pihak yang telah mengajukan proposal untuk membuka kunci nilai aset Perusahaan, dan memberikan nilai kepada pemegang saham,” tulis pengajuan. Proposal tersebut, tambahnya, sedang ditinjau dengan bantuan “penasihat strategis yang potensial.”

Perusahaan memberikan jangka waktu sekitar tiga bulan untuk peninjauan.

Sejak minggu terakhir bulan November, harga saham Donaco telah jatuh dari sekitar AUD0.18 ($ 0,13) per saham menjadi AUD0.07 ($ 0,05). Dewan perusahaan telah mencatat kinerja perdagangan saham, mempertahankan bahwa “harga saham saat ini sama sekali tidak mencerminkan nilai aset Perusahaan.”

Untuk tahun fiskal 2018, yang berakhir 30 Juni, perusahaan melaporkan laba bersih setelah pajak dari AUD18,3 juta ($ 13,3 juta), turun dari AUD54.6 juta ($ 39,6 juta) selama tahun sebelumnya.

Pelaporan kerugian setelah pajak untuk FY2018 adalah AUD124.5 juta ($ 90.2 juta), dibandingkan dengan laba FY2017 sebesar AUD31 juta ($ 22.5 juta).

Pinjaman sebesar AUD70,4 juta ($ 51 juta), lebih rendah dari AUD108.4 juta tahun lalu ($ 78,6 juta). Rasio utang terhadap ekuitas bersih untuk tahun fiskal adalah 6,3%, lebih rendah dari FY2017 8,7%.

Pendapatan adalah AUD92.6 juta ($ 67.1 juta), turun 32% dari FY2017, terutama karena peristiwa di Star Vegas, yang Donaco katakan “sangat dipengaruhi oleh pelanggaran kontrak oleh vendor serta pembelanjaan yang lemah karena lemahnya permintaan di Thailand.”

Donaco terus berjuang untuk menguasai Star Paradise, yang sekarang dikenal sebagai Winsor, yang berdekatan dengan Star Vegas, dan duduk di tanah yang dimiliki oleh perusahaan.

Selama rapat umum tahunan pada 29 November lalu, Donaco mengeluarkan pembaruan perdagangan bahwa FY2019 tidak aktif dengan “awal yang lunak,” tetapi itu membuat beberapa kesepakatan untuk meningkatkan pendapatan online.

Mariana Resort won’t be led by Imperial Pacific

he Mariana Resort and Spa in Saipan is looking for a new operator Dewa Poker 88. Kan Pacific, who has managed the property for over 40 years, announced a few months ago that it was giving up on the Mariana Resort won’t be led by Imperial Pacificproperty as of September 30 of this year and Imperial Pacific International (IPI) decided it was as good a candidate as any. However, it now looks as though it will have to remain focused on completing the long overdue Imperial Palace integrated resort (IR).

IPI would have had to receive special permission from the Mariana Islands’ Lottery Commission in order to receive a license for the casino. In accordance with the company’s Casino License Agreement, it can only run five-star hotels; since Mariana Resort is only a three-star resort, IPI’s license wasn’t valid.

The permission was granted with the proviso that IPI would not seek to manage any other properties that were less than five stars. However, the whole process was for naught, as no agreement could be reached after the Department of Public Lands (DPL) issued a request for proposal (RFP).

Moving forward, the DPL has divided the property into three parts, each with its own RFP. One part is the golf course, the second is the racetrack and the third is the hotel.

Since making the division, IPI has once again sought to get involved. It has issued two responses to the DPL – one for the hotel and the other for the racetrack – and Kan Pacific has submitted a separate response for the golf course. The responses are all expected to be considered by the DPL, but the department has acknowledged that it has temporarily put the hotel operations on stand-by since the accommodations are currently being used for emergency personnel responding to Typhoon Yutu, which hit the area last month.

That typhoon also forced IPI to shut down Imperial Pacific’s hotel temporarily. The Saipan International Airport suffered damage that caused all air traffic, expect humanitarian flights, to be suspended. Whether or not the temporary closure will be used as an excuse for the company to file for bankruptcy in the wake of the extended inability to pay its staff and complete construction is possible, although IPI officials refute any such action is

Poker pro Thor Hansen passes away at 71

He was likeable, respectful and respected and a “brilliant” Raja poker player. Now, after a six-year battle with cancer, the Norwegian “Godfather of Poker” has passed away at 71 years of age.

Poker pro Thor Hansen passes away at 71Thor Hansen was a regular on the poker scene for decades. He was a multi-title holder, having taken down two WSOP events and a number of other popular tournaments, including some at various tournaments such as the Five Diamond World Poker Classic, the LA Poker Classic, the Legends of Poker, California State Poker Championship, the Carnivale of Poker and the Festa al Lago Classic.

His first WSOP bracelet came when he won the $5,000 Seven Card Stud event in 1988,

for which he was awarded $158,000. He added his second in 2002 when he took down the $1,500 No-Limit 2-7 Draw Lowball event for $62,600. By the time he stepped away from the tables for good, he had racked up almost $3 million in live-action tournaments, according to Hendon Mob.

Despite being diagnosed with terminal cancer six years ago, he showed everyone that he wasn’t going to give up. He had been diagnosed with colorectal cancer that then spread to his lungs and was only expected to live a few more months. However, always the man in charge, he continued to play—and win—and recorded his latest cash at the Norwegian Open this past March.

Hansen was third on Norway’s all-time poker money list. He followed closely behind Felix Stephensen and Annette Obrestad.

His passing was the subject of the poker community on Twitter. Sean McCormack tweeted, “When I worked @BellagioPoker I remember Thor Hansen coming in and treating every player and staff member with the utmost respect. They don’t make many like him with such grace and class playing the game we all love. RIP sir.”

Barny Boatman chimed in, as well, stating, “Thor Hansen was that rarest of things, an International Treasure. Let’s let his family and friends know how much we all feel the loss of this lovely man.”

Despite his long and successful career, Hansen never made it into the Poker Hall of Fame. He was a nominee in 2012, 2013 and 2017, but couldn’t make the final cut. Hopefully, that error will now be corrected posthumously.